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Nora Štrbová's film M E Z E R Y won the Pavel Koutecký Award

Nora Štrbová's film M E Z E R Y won the Pavel Koutecký Award

Nora Štrbová, a student from the Department of Animation, is celebrating great success with her short animated documentary film M E Z E R Y! The film won the Pavel Koutecký Award at the ELBE DOCK festival.

The jury stated about the winning film M E Z E R Y: "The author was able to elevate an intimate personal confession to a generally comprehensible, formally convincing and impressive reflection on the loss of a loved one and the functioning of human memory by unique means of expression."

Other films that competed in the section are the short documentary film "Apparatgeist" by director Marie-Magdalena Kochová, the documentary by director Nikola Krutilova "Daily Manure", the film "Forget Me Not" by director Adela Křižovenská and movie "Why do I feel like a boy?" directed by Kateřina Turečková.

"The film S P A C E S examines human memory as a repository of our identity, our private map, our time. It is based on the personal story of the author and her brother, who contracted a brain tumor that damaged his memory centers. The narrative and form of the film follow the idea of ​​perceived reality memories: gradually loosening, struggling with time and space, trapped in a loop. The animated documentary experiments with art and film techniques and balances on the edge of genres. "

original name: M E Z E R Y
directed by: Nora Štrbová
production: Ondřej Šejnoha
country: Czech Republic
year: 2019
length: 8 min
language: Czech / English subtitles


5. September 2020