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On-line teaching and access to files via CDU SF

On-line teaching and access to files via CDU SF

Studio FAMU can prepare a space / library for each department on CDU SF (Central Data Storage of Studio FAMU) Elements / Quantum systems. This space can be used to place content (audio-video, texts, etc.) and generate links to share within the teaching. Colleagues for SF data management - in cooperation with the IT manager of FAMU - coordinate video support via MS Teams for work with CDU SF.

 Brief description of the procedure:

→ each department receives its own space (workspace), into which the required content (films, documents) is uploaded with the possibility of creating folders for easier orientation in the directory
→ You can then create a link from any file or folder and share it with anyone

It is highly desirable that the representative of the department in charge of this agenda will contact the data management colleagues well in advance (see contact information below) and agree on the procedure and collection of data / content for placement in the folders.
From the experience gained so far, we recommend that the video content be generated as a proxy video, the links have a predetermined validity period and access to the links is provided by the generated access name / password.

We also remind you that running exercises in Elements have their space reserved by default and designated educators have access to these directories.

Contact information - Studio FAMU / data - management unit

→ Jan Kovačovič / T: 234 244 418 | M: 770 147 715 | E: jan.kovacovic@studiofamu.cz
→ Tereza Stehlíková / T: 234 244 422 | M: 770 147 727 | E: tereza.stehlikova@studiofamu.cz

Thanks for cooperation.
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29. September 2020