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'Traffic light' system for schooling at FAMU - autumn/winter

'Traffic light' system for schooling at FAMU - autumn/winter

With regard to the current ordinances, a set of ‘traffic lights’ was made for the instruction at FAMU to indicate which subjects will be taught exclusively on a distance basis, which ones will be taught in one or another hybrid form and which ones will be taught in a presence mode subject to the exemption regarding hands-on teaching and artistic work.

The traffic lights divide subjects into three categories:

GREEN = the presence mode. The subject falls within the scope of the exemption regarding artistic work and hands-on teaching. The following rules must be observed:
(1) The maximum number of attendees is 15 including the teacher;
(2) The subject must be taught within a space (or outdoors, weather permitting) that allows for maintaining 1.5-m distances between attendees. If the room is smaller, the number of attendees must be such as to allow for maintaining 1.5 m distances between attendees;
(3) It is imperative to observe safety and sanitary measures (face masks, hand sanitizers, or using rubber gloves) as specified in Dean’s Decrees Nos. 18/2020, 19/2020 and 20/2020 and in the rules for film production issued by the FAMU Studio.

ORANGE = partial presence/hybrid mode. The teacher shall inform the students about the specific form, such as: one or some of the classes will take place in the presence mode (while observing the ‘green’ subject rules) and the rest of the instruction will take place online; or some of the people will be present (typically the teacher and a guest) while others are online (students or some of them).

RED full distance mode. Teachers may use Department rooms equipped with equipment for distance instruction for teaching. For sharing audio-visual teaching material, it is recommended to use CDÚSF (FAMU Studio’s central data depository) – the instructions for using the platform are available here.

Individual consultations on the premises of the school are permitted.

See: Dean's Decree no. 21
        'Traffic light' for courses


2. October 2020