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Testing of AMU employees for COVID-19

Testing of AMU employees for COVID-19

Dear Colleagues,

The Special Measure of the Ministry of Health dated 5 March 2021 orders public universities to test employees who are not working exclusively from their home office for COVID-19.

With effect from Wednesday, 17 March 2021, our employees will be allowed to work at their workplaces only having taken an antigen or PCR test for the coronavirus during the preceding seven days with a negative test result. You can test at a healthcare facility of your choice or at your Faculty following the instructions below (the receptionists will be informed). You will have to produce a test result certificate upon entering the school building. At the same time, access to workplaces is allowed to everyone who has suffered from COVID-19 during the past 90 days (from the first positive test; to be demonstrated using a solemn declaration) and everyone who has been vaccinated (after 14 days from the last required dose of the vaccine – to be demonstrated by a vaccination certificate).


By decision of the Rector's Collegium, the testing is intended primarily for employees who switch between home office and working at the workplace, i.e., primarily office personnel and teachers who, in addition to individual consultations, teach distance classes from the premises of the school. Considering the limited capacity for testing, please book your dates strictly depending on your planned presence in school.

AMU provides the testing team with healthcare professionals who are in charge of testing employees using antigen tests based on nasal swab samples. The tests are paid from health insurance, and everyone has a right to test free of charge every three days. AMU pays the travel of the swabbing teams and other costs associated with test administration. We will book test dates using AMU’s new on-line reservation system.


At FAMU, testing will be provided on the first floor of the Lažanský Palace, room 133 (to the right in front of library entrance) on the following days:

Monday 15 March, 13:00 – 15:00 (capacity: 60 persons)

Monday 22 March, 11:00 – 13:00 (capacity: 65 persons)

Testing for The Studio FAMU (Klimentská st.1205/4) 

Wednesday 17 March, 9:00 - 11:00 

Wednesday 24 March, 9:30 - 10:30 (capacity: 30 persons )


If someone else has already booked a date for you (for example, your supervisor), you have received a confirmation of the test time in your e-mail. You can use this time slot, deregister from it, or change the time. 

>>> Test date reservations

Procedure for date reservations:



1. In the reservation system, select your Faculty’s test point.
2. Select the test day and a ten-minute slot that you will share with four other employees.
3. Enter your name and school e-mail below (the booking is combined with the official school e-mail address).
4. Enter your birth registration number (foreign nationals: your health insurance number) and select your health insurance company (this information is used for reporting test results to government registers, which is done by the healthcare personnel).
5. confirm your consent with the processing of your personal data and submit the form.
6. You will receive a confirmation to your e-mail, through which you can change your booking – if you cannot come, you can change the date or deregister to vacate the slot for another person.
7. Reservations close two hours before the start of the testing.

We will add testing dates over time depending on arrangements with healthcare facilities and their capacity.

If we obtain additional testing capacity, one more testing point will be set up at FAMU Studio. The operation of the test points will be organised in cooperation with healthcare facilities and based on the instructions given by Faculty secretaries. The back-up option for this mode of testing will be self-tests applied on the premises of the school; we will publish instructions on using them.

External companies’ employees who need to be present in school shall test on their own within intervals of seven days maximum. The dates for testing in school are not intended for them. Their access to school is subject to the same rules as access for school employees.

Based on an order from the Rectorate, the students who need an individual consultation or who have to deliver a hands-on task on the premises of the school shall test on their own; however, by decision of FAMU any vacant slots for testing at FAMU are also accessible to such students subject to availability.


  • Prevent any further spread of the infection.
  • Immediately self-isolate at home.
  • Inform your direct manager/supervisor.
  • Contact your general practitioner via telephone.
  • Take a confirmation PCR test (this is mandatory).

Thank you for cooperation and approaching the purpose of these measures considerately.

22. March 2021