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Seminar of Accidental Wisdom #5 APART Collective: From informal encounters to alternative ways of institutionalization

Seminar of Accidental Wisdom #5 APART Collective: From informal encounters to alternative ways of institutionalization

FAMU | Učebna 1 / Auditorium 1
Smetanovo nábř. 1012/2, 110 00
10. 11. 2021, 19:00

Zoom Stream | https://bit.ly/3wuB9Js
Facebook Live | https://fb.me/e/5EUmfkO4Z

On Wednesday, November 10, 2021, members of the Slovak collective APART will be the guest speakers for the fifth edition of the Seminar of Accidental Wisdom lecture series. The event will take place at 19.00 in the Auditorium 1 in the FAMU building in Prague and streamed live via Zoom and Facebook Live.

To what extent can non-hierarchical principles be applied within collectives? How to create alternative, informal institutional networks? And are even institutions able to act self-critically? In its lecture-interview, Ema Hesterová and Peter Sit of APART Collective will introduce the background of its formation and ideological basis, will reflect upon the functionality of collective structures and look at the intersections of collectivity and institutionalization. The collective will focus on the various levels of its multi-layered practice and mention its most significant projects.

APART is an artistic collective that has been performing research, artistic-creative, project, curatorial, publishing and archiving activities since 2012. It is a meta-participatory platform working on a proto-institutional basis and the principle of shared economies. Today, APART is Ema Hesterová, Denis Kozerawski, Chiara Rendeková, Peter Sit and Andrej Žabkay.

APART exhibited, screened films and did projects at the Kunsthalle in Bratislava, Karlín Studios in Prague and the Plusmínusnula Gallery in Žilina, Work Hard! Play Hard in Minsk, CCA Kronika in Bytom, e-flux Bar Laika in New York, MoMA, New York, Prague City Gallery, Easttopics, Budapest, among others. Together with BAK (basis voor actuele kunst), Utrecht, Studiom IN - VŠVU and Kristína Országhová, the collective founded the educational platform Bratislava BAK Summer School. In 2018, together with Juliet Aranda, they co-curated the 9th Futurological Congress in Bratislava; curated the group exhibition ART IS WORK in the Bratislava gallery Krokus.

Under the APART LABEL, the collective has published more than 20 publications so far, including a book “Uhuru” by Catarina Simao; “Safe Landing” Mehraneh Atashi; “Electronic Dadaist Poetry” by Babi Badalov or the .txt edition (co-published with Display and Kapitál).

The latest and so far the largest project of the APART collective is the opening of its own gallery space A Promise of Kneropy with an affiliated reading and study room, which seeks to programmatically present critical contemporary artistic positions.

Seminar of Accidental Wisdom (SAW) is an interdisciplinary series of 11 lectures by curators, artists, and theoreticians who will enter a dialogue with viewers about the theoretical interpretation of contemporary audiovisual forms, photography, and exhibition theory. SAW is a joint project of the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Kunsthalle Bratislava, and lítost gallery, Prague. The Seminar of Accidental Wisdom has been kindly supported by the Ministry of Culture Czech Republic Arts Grant.

10. November 2021