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Rector’s measure regarding the operation and functioning of the Academy of performing arts in Prague effective from 16 november 2021

Rector’s measure regarding the operation and functioning of the Academy of performing arts in Prague effective from 16 november 2021

Further to the applicable measures of the Ministry of Health, the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague will operate as follows with effect from 16 November 2021:

Employees, students, third-party employees, and all visitors to AMU are required to wear a respiratory mask or similar equipment on the premises of AMU except when they are alone in the room. This requirement does not apply to students during all contact instruction, provided that fewer than 50 of them are present at one time, and to teachers during instruction whose nature does not allow for wearing a respirator (subjects aimed at developing psychosomatic condition, acting, singing, playing brass and woodwind instruments, and physical education). In other subjects, teachers may teach without respirators only if they have completed vaccination and at least 14 days have expired since the latest dose as per the vaccination scheme; unvaccinated teachers are obligated to wear respiratory protection in such classes.

The respirator or similar equipment must always be without an exhaust valve and must at least comply with all the technical product specifications and requirements, including the filtering rate of efficiency of at least 94% under the relevant standards (e.g., FFP2, KN 95) to prevent droplet spread.

Students exercising their practice, hands-on classes, and/or practical preparation at the workplaces of other legal entities or natural persons, shall observe the rules applicable to the employees of such workplaces.

Students accommodated at the Hradební Dormitory and Teaching Facility (the “Dormitory”) and at the Beroun and Poněšice centres must demonstrate compliance with the “OTN” rule (O for “očkován” – vaccinated; T for “testován” – tested; N for “nemoc prodělána” – recovered from the disease), which means they shall:

  1. Demonstrate having been vaccinated against Covid-19 using a national vaccination certificate or a certificate issued under the EU Digital COVID Certificate Regulation;
  2. Demonstrate having taken a PCR test for the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus within the last 72 hours with a negative result or a quick antigen test for the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus within the last 24 hours with a negative result, using a certificate issued by the laboratory;
  3. Demonstrate that they have recovered from the Covid-19 disease and that a maximum of 180 days has expired since the first positive test result, using a certificate issued by the laboratory.

If students accommodated at the Dormitory cannot demonstrate having complied with item 1 or 3 of the OTN rule prior to the start of accommodation or at any time during the accommodation, they shall demonstrate having complied with item 2 once every 7 days. If they fail to do so, this will be considered a gross breach of the Accommodation Agreement, with the possibility of termination on the part of AMU.

Upon entering the Dormitory, the student may take a quick antigen test for laypersons’ use provided by the Dormitory’s reception desk. The Dormitory receptionists will verify that the test has taken place and its result. If the result is negative, the student may be allowed inside the Dormitory building; however, after leaving it and entering again, they must demonstrate compliance with the OTN rule.

The head of the AMU Dormitory may issue their own measure laying down more specific measures governing the mode of operation for those accommodated, their visitors and the Dormitory, including the price for the quick antigen test kits provided on the spot for laypersons to use.

Students accommodated in the dormitory who test positive shall promptly inform the head of the dormitory and shall cooperate in identifying risk contacts with a view to adopting preventive measures at the dormitory. Students must also notify any positive test results to their Faculty in accordance with the rules in force at that Faculty. Considering the serious threat of the disease spreading among students of the individual Faculties, the head of the dormitory shall, as part of adopting measures at the dormitory, notify the Secretary of the Faculty about the current quarantine measures applying to students, and the Faculty shall in turn provide the information about any students who test positive to the head of the dormitory as well.

The Rector AMU asks that the rules defined by the measure of the Ministry of Health and by this Measure be observed consistently. She also invites unvaccinated colleagues and students to regularly take SARS-CoV-2 tests. If the epidemic situation deteriorates further, the Rectorate of AMU will consider a rule to the effect that testing will be a prerequisite for unvaccinated persons to be allowed to enter AMU premises.

PhDr. Ingeborg Radok Žádná, rector

16. November 2021