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Call for applications: participation in the Cannes Film Festival

Call for applications: participation in the Cannes Film Festival

Dear Students, 

This year, FAMU will commence cooperation with the Cannes Film Festival with the support of the French Institute in Prague. 

The expected timing of the festival is 17–28 May 2022. FAMU will be participating only from 17 to 24 May 2022.

A FAMU panel involving the Dean, Vice-Dean for International Affairs, Head of the Registrar's Office and the Director of the FAMU Studio will choose five students to represent the school for the first time

The cost of accommodation at the place of the festival and travel expenses (a two-way Prague-Nice air ticket with carry-on luggage) will be paid for all the students. The Cannes Festival will grant them special free accreditation allowing them priority access to the screenings in the Cannes Classics programming section, the Un certain regard section, Special Screenings, and the Séances du lendemain (this section includes the main competition films as well as out of competition films screened one day after their official premiere). 

The students will have to pay their remaining expenses – i.e., train tickets from Nice to Cannes (and back), meals, etc

The Cannes Festival also wants to be more open to international film schools for the first time this year. It is preparing to organise meetings with industry professionals for the participants in this programme. At this point, we are discussing the possibility of our students also being granted access to the Marché du film, the Film Market, on the basis of their accreditations. 

  • What do you need to do to participate in the selection?

Only students in accredited study programmes can participate! 

By 11 February 2022, send a motivation letter with the contents specified below to cannes@famu.cz

1) First name and surname, year of study, and Department; 

2) Describe what you expect from your stay and what activities you want to focus during the festival. Be specific – do not write that you want to keep in touch with global cinema; instead, write that you are interested in finding a collaborator, consultant, mentor or co-producer for your project. Make sure to only write about a project that you are developing (do not write about a fictitious/non-existent film) and attach a synopsis, script or a trailer to your application. 

3) Try to describe in detail how can such a stay be beneficial to your personal, professional and artistic development. 

Send the letter from your school e-mail or submit a scan with your genuine handwritten signature. 

The list of student nominees will be posted on FAMU’s website until 25 February 2022

The selected students will be invited to an organisation meeting. 

28. January 2022