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Mentoring programme with Bruno Dumont

Mentoring programme with Bruno Dumont

Dear students and teachers,

FAMU is organising a mentoring programme with Bruno Dumont, French film director and scriptwriter, two-time Cannes Golden Palm winner and a unique author from 21 to 25 March 2022. His stay and classes will be the next in a series of events organised as part of our mentoring programme. Our partner schools, VŠMU in Slovakia and INSAS in Belgium will take part in the mentoring as well.

Please note that the second part of the programme (one-on-one consulting sessions) is intended only for students in accredited programmes in the Czech and English languages who are regular full-time students in the second or higher year of a bachelor’s programme, any year of a master’s or doctoral programme, or those waiting for the state final examination.

At the director’s request, the entire programme of his visit will be in French with interpreting into Czech. Certain parts of the programme will be interpreted into English.

The full-day programme will be divided program into two parts:

1) Screening of selected films by Bruno Dumont in the original language with Czech and/or English subtitles. Three masterclasses with Bruno Dumont on selected topics. The director will explain to students his creative methods, with every masterclass moderated by selected students. This part of the programme is accessible to all FAMU students and teachers up to the auditorium capacity.

Students can register for this part of the programme in the KOS as the Mentoring with Bruno Dumont Module (2 credits). The registration will be open from 26 Feb 2022 to 10 Mar 2022. The screening will take place at the Kino 35, French Institute in Prague, Štěpánská 35, Praha 1.

The schedule of the screenings with specific films and times is here.

Teachers can write to andrea.petrovicova@famu.cz by 10 March 2022 or until the auditorium capacity is depleted.

2) One-on-one consulting sessions for FAMU students and participation in consultations on student films from partner schools.

Nominations/registration for individual consultations:

Please apply for consultations only with feature films, via e-mail at andrea.petrovicova@famu.cz. Give your name, Department, title and duration of the film (preferably also a link to where the film can be viewed) and nominate your co-workers with e-mail contacts.

If you are selected, we will automatically register you and your co-workers in the Mentoring with Bruno Dumont II Module, for which you can obtain 3 credits. You will automatically gain access to both parts of the programme (screening and masterclasses and consultations).

Selection criteria:

  • completed feature film
  • the film must be subtitled in English or French - if your film does not have subtitles, please contact andrea.petrovicova@famu.cz immediately.
  • students in accredited programmes in Czech or English who are regular full-time students in the second or higher year of a bachelor’s programme, any year of a master’s or doctoral programme, or those waiting for the state final examination.

The final selection is also subject to the comments from the Head of the Department, which we will request – students do not need to obtain it.

Bruno Dumont will discuss with you the various aspects of directing films from the viewpoint of different professions, casting, working with non-actors, and production. He will see your completed school films of your choice. It would be good for you to approach your colleagues from the film crew and attend the consultations together.

We can select approximately 4 films/projects from the entire school.

The deadline for nominations is 7 March 2022.

The list of the selected students will be posted on FAMU’s website. A detailed day-to-day programme with the venues and times of screening and consulting sessions will be posted on FAMU’s website and sent to the registered applicants by e-mail.

David Čeněk
Vice-Dean for International Affairs

24. February 2022