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Students for Ukraine looking for student volunteers

Students for Ukraine looking for student volunteers

Dear teachers, employees and students,

We would like to inform you about the database of "patrons" which gathers volunteers that would like to help incoming Ukrainian students.

Based on the arrival of Ukrainian students, registered volunteers will be contacted to assist Ukrainian students with accommodation, dealing with necessary legal steps, cooking etc. This activity would be needed especially in the first days after their arrival.

The registered patrons would be assigned to one student at a time in order to support them in this difficult situation.

The database of patrons is divided by sheets, each for every AMU faculty, where you can simply write your name, department and contact information. When matching Ukrainian students, we will try to connect students based on the similarity of their fields of study.


If you have questions, please contact koci04@st.amu.cz 

Thank you
Students for Ukraine

Studenti pro Ukrajinu

2. March 2022