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Proclamation of academic staff, pedagogues and AMU deputies to the situation provoked by the war in Ukraine

Proclamation of academic staff, pedagogues and AMU deputies to the situation provoked by the war in Ukraine

Each of you can sign the declaration by sending your name and titles or academic rank to kristyna.taubelova@damu.cz

We, the below-mentioned academic staff, educators and employees of AMU, declare that we strongly condemn the war in Ukraine that has started with Vladimir Putin's "peace mission". This has already been declared by the measures taken management of the AMU, which are aimed at supporting students and teachers from Ukraine.

We also reject the collective guilt of all the citizens of the Russian Federation and Belarus, and express support for those who openly oppose the war in Ukraine and the regimes of Vladimir Putin, and Alexander Lukashenko.

  • This concerns specifically our current students and alumni of AMU from the Russian Federation and Belarus, who are getting into difficult situations due to the sanctions righteously imposed by the West on the Russian Federation. The situation is difficult for them both financially as well as morally and humanly.
  • This also concerns other artists from the Russian Federation and Belarus, who are live and work in the Czech Republic.
  • And it concerns a large number of our fellow artists, students and other citizens of the Russian Federation who openly and publicly oppose the war in Ukraine and Vladimir Putin's government in the form of petitions, open letters appealing to other fellow citizens, protests and dismissals in state institutions in the Russian Federation. For their attitudes and activities, these people are arrested, tried and condemned to the most absurd sentences, including imprisonment, sometimes for decades. These people deserve our greatest support.

We want to let all of the above-mentioned people know that we stand behind them, that we support them and that we do not turn away from them just because they were born, live and create in the Russian Federation.

The following persons have already signed the proclamation: 

MgA. Kristýna Täubelová, Ph.D., KALD DAMU

doc. MgA. Sodja Zupanc-Lotker, Ph.D., KALD DAMU

MgA. Barbora Etlíková, Ph.D., KALD DAMU

Mgr. Helena Arenbergerová, KALD DAMU

Mgr. Dagmar Urbánková, KALD DAMU

MgA. Linda Dušková, Ph.D., KALD DAMU

prof. PhDr. Jana Pilátová, KATaP DAMU

Mgr. Tomáš Procházka, KALD DAMU

Dr. Branislava Kuburović, Ph.D., KALD DAMU

Mgr. Karolina Plicková, Ph.D., KALD DAMU

Ing., MgA. Branislav Mazúch, KALD DAMU

doc. MgA. Jiri Havelka, Ph.D., KALD DAMU

Mgr. Kristýna Jalůvková, KALD DAMU

prof. Mg. Zuzana Sílová, Ph.D., KČD DAMU

doc. PhDr. Josef Valenta, CSc., KVD DAMU

doc. Mgr. Jiří Lössl, KVD DAMU

prof. Mgr. Jaroslav Etlík, KTK DAMU

Mgr. Michaela Homolová, KALD DAMU

prof. MgA. Jakub Korčák, KČD DAMU

Mgr. Jana Kudláčková, KČD DAMU

MgA. Veronika Svobodová, KALD DAMU

MgA. Petra Tejnorova Ph.D., KALD DAMU

MgA.Tereza Ondrová, KALD DAMU

doc. Mgr. Bohumil Nekolný, KP DAMU

MgA. Lukáš Brychta, Ph.D., KALD DAMU

MgA. Mariana Čížková, KVD DAMU

MgA Jan Bažant Ph.D., KALD DAMU

Mgr. Ester Fišerová, MBA

doc. MgA. Lukáš Jiřička, Ph.D., KALD DAMU

Mgr. Jiří Svěrák, KČD DAMU

prof. MgA. Přemysl Rut, KATaP DAMU

MgA. Markéta Potužáková, Ph.D., KATaP DAMU

MgA. Kateřina Šplíchalová, Ph.D., KALD DAMU

Mgr. Libuše Voběrková, KALD DAMU

MgA. Magdaléna Gracerová Chrzová, KALD DAMU

doc. Mgr. Milan Schejbal, KČD DAMU

MgA., Mgr. Marta Ljubková, KALD DAMU

doc. Mgr. Karel Vostárek, KVD DAMU

Ing. Arch. MgA. Radmila Iblová, FS DAMU

doc. Mgr. Aleš Bergman, Ph.D., KVD DAMU

Zdeňka Listoňová, tajemnice, KTK DAMU

PhDr. Josef Herman, CSc., KTK DAMU

Mgr. MgA. Michaela Raisová, PhD., KATaP DAMU

MgA. Vladana Brouková, KP DAMU

Mgr. Vendula Holčáková, KVD DAMU

Ing. Zuzana Švehlová, DAMU

BcA. Jan Skovajsa, KATaP DAMU

Mgr. Radovan Lipus Ph.D, KTK DAMU

MgA. Vladimír Novák, Ph.D., KALD DAMU

Mgr., MgA., Martin Sedláček, KVD DAMU

Mgr. Štěpán Kubalík, PhD.; KTK DAMU 

prof. Mgr. Miloslav Klíma, KALD DAMU

 MgA. Karolina Gilová, KČD DAMU

doc. MgA., Mgr. Karel František Tománek, KALD DAMU

doc. Mgr. Ivana Vostárková, KVD DAMU

Mgr. MgA. Tereza Czesany Dvořáková, Ph. D., AMU

MgA. Tereza Došlová

Jitka Nohová, tajemnice Katedry ALD DAMU

Mgr. Pavel Bár, Ph.D., KTK DAMU

MgA. Hana Malaníková, PhD., KATaP DAMU

Mgr. Libor Vodička, Ph.D., DAMU

MgA. Mgr. Ivana Pintířová, KVD DAMU

MgA. Petr Novotný, KATaP DAMU

MgA. Vít Zeman, KATaP DAMU

MgA. Kateřina Daňková, AMU

Petra Kohoutová, AMU

Prof. Jiří Šípek, KČD DAMU

Mgr. Václav Wortner, Ph.D., DAMU

doc. PhDr. Anna Tomková, Ph.D. KVD DAMU

Mgr., MgA. Eva Čechová Ph.D., KATaP DAMU

Mgr. Jan Puc, Ph.D., KATaP DAMU

Mgr. Boleslav Keprt, PhD., KATaP DAMU

Mgr. Pavla Fendrichová, KALD DAMU

MgA Václav Trojan, KATaP DAMU

Mgr. Jan Kodet, KT HAMU

MgA. Mgr. Doubravka Svobodová, KP DAMU

Tomáš Kubart, DAMU

MgA. Filip Karda, KATaP DAMU

Mgr. Jitka Pavlišová, Ph.D., KTK DAMU

BcA. Veronika Drábková, KTK DAMU

 doc. MgA. Jiří Adámek, Ph.D.

Mgr., MgA. Gabriela Zelená Sittová, Ph.D., KVD DAMU

9. March 2022