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IPXO: Write an Essay on the Future of the Internet To Win $1,000

IPXO: Write an Essay on the Future of the Internet To Win $1,000

Are you passionate about future technologies? Do you have a knack for writing? IPXO, an automated IP address monetization and lease platform, offers you a unique opportunity to flex your writing muscle and win $1,000! We are excited to announce a project for university students – the IPXO scholarship contest

We invite you to share your ideas on the Internet of Things (IoT) – the universe of digitally connected devices, such as smartphones, smartwatches and even refrigerators. What other innovations can you think of that can expand this universe even further?  

Perhaps you are already brainstorming and jotting down ideas? If you are, this project is for you! 

How can students apply for the IPXO contest?  

We invite students from universities around the globe who are excited about technologies and have original ideas to share. If you are interested in IT and love writing, don’t miss this amazing opportunity. 

Please write an essay about 5 ways the Internet of Things could change our future. You can write about any industry that you are interested in. Also, you can combine several areas of interest to explore how our world can change with the help of IoT innovations.  

You should write your essay in English, and it should be 1200-2500 words long. Once you finish, submit your essay via email to essay-submissions@ipxo.com

When can students apply for this contest?  

We will accept essay submissions from April 27 until June 6. Please send your essay from your official university email account, and don’t forget to add your full name!  

The author of the most creative essay will win the IPXO Scholarship: A cash prize of $1,000! We will announce the winner of the prize on June 20

Get your creative juices flowing 

The IPXO scholarship contest is an excellent opportunity to show off your writing skills, share your wonderful ideas about future technologies and win $1,000! Are you excited? Wait no more and start writing.  

We are looking forward to reading your essays! 

22. April 2022