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Call for FAMU students: create a FAMU spot

Call for FAMU students: create a FAMU spot

Call for FAMU students:

we are announcing a call for creating spots to promote FAMU.

The brief: Film and supply final versions of spots that will serve as a presentation of FAMU.

FAMU is seeking a producer and director who will build their own creative team and make a promotional video for FAMU in two different versions. One version will target international applicants for study and the other will present the Faculty to partner schools abroad. The deadline for the submission of completed spots will be scheduled to the turn of November and December. The selected team will receive a budget and their work will be remunerated.

This call is open to all FAMU students.

Please submit your draft scripts and brief treatments of your spots, including the members of your creative teams, to andrea.petrovicova@famu.cz by 17 August 2022.

Reference spots:

1 https://artes.porto.ucp.pt/en/international-programs?msite=6
2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmqXmykx4Bg&ab_channel=LodzFilmSchool
3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUKCWCyA0FU&ab_channel=LondonFilmSchool

22. July 2022