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FAMU ETHICAL - schedule of the meetings

FAMU ETHICAL - schedule of the meetings

The ombudsperson would like to invite international students to FAMU ETICKY/FAMU ETHICAL. The events will be a series of meetings during the winter semester where we will discuss major topics related to the life of our Faculty. The moderated discussions will result in suggestions for the implementation of the new FAMU Code of Ethics. For each topic, an expert guest will be invited to set the topic in a comprehensible context. The idea for creating a new FAMU Code of Ethics came from the former FAMU ombudsperson, Klára Šimáčková Laurenčíková who, based on her monitoring, defined the issues that appear to be vital and worthy of attention at the Faculty. It is also a response to the performances as part of the Ne!musíš to vydržet initiative and the specific requirements that were identified as requiring to be resolved.

FAMU ETICKY is a good opportunity to meet, engage in a dialogue, and seek a way to encourage a friendly and safe environment.

Schedule of the meetings:  

  • Friday, 4 Nov 2022: Encouraging diversity and preventing discrimination (Room U1, 10 am) 
  • Friday, 11 Nov 2022: Interculturality. Equal academic opportunities (Room U1, 10 am) 
  • Thursday, 24 Nov 2022: Relationships between teachers and students (TBD, 6 pm)
  • Friday, 9 Dec 2022: Peer conflicts and preventing sexual violence (Room U1, 10 am) 
  • Friday, 16 Dec 2022: Aspects of teaching and filming outside FAMU premises (Room U1, 10 am) 

These events will be simultaneously translated into English for international students. 

10. October 2022