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Berlinale 16. - 26. February 2023

Berlinale 16. - 26. February 2023

Once again, FAMU students are invited to take part in the Berlinale International Film Festival to be held from 16 to 26 February 2023. Students can obtain:

- Student accreditation code worth EUR 80 – the Faculty will cover the price of the accreditation in the form of a scholarship;
- One-time financial contribution towards accommodation expenses –  the amount of the allowance will be determined according to the Faculty's budget in January 2023;
- One-time financial contribution towards travel expenses of CZK 700 – the Faculty will cover this in the form of a scholarship.

Students who apply for the aforementioned support for attending the Berlinale must satisfy the following requirements:

  • They must be registered in any accredited programme and have a student status currently.
  • The grades they have received in their subjects (mandatory, elective, optional, and modules) registered in the preceding year of study shall not be worse than “B” or “credit passed”.
  • They have passed all the examination in a regular manner – i.e., none of the exams were taken/passed on an additional date (there are no additional dates for course credits – they all must be completed/graded within the regular examination period).

Send the application by November 20, 2022 23:59 by filling out this form. Attention, you can only fill out the form via the school email.

The results will be announced on the Faculty website by 5 December 2022. The students selected will be informed via e-mail.

7. November 2022