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Berlinale 2023: results

Berlinale 2023: results

The following students will participate in the Berlinale International Film Festival, which will take place on February 16-26, 2023, with the support of FAMU:

Prashant Khade (Department of Cinematography) 
Antonio Carlos Aranha Martins (Department of Photography)
Nella Kinzlová (Department of Production)
Vojtěch Konečný (Department of Directing)
Nora Štrbová (Department of Documentary Film)
Věra Starečková (Department of Sciptwriting and Dramaturgy)
Alan Sýs (Department of Editing)
Daria Kashcheeva (Department of Animated Film)
Tianyin Long (FAMU International)
Petr Michal (Department of Documentary Film)



2. December 2022