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Options for students' involvement in green activities

Options for students' involvement in green activities

To the students involved in the FAMU for Climate initiative,

I wish to thank you for all your activities, whether during the week of celebration of 17 November or during the regular consulting with private sector partners (for FAMUfest and other collaborations).

I tried to get in touch with FfC a year ago and offer a range of activities that we at the Dean’s office have been working on, in which student participation is welcome. The involvement is rewarded by scholarships and is possible in various roles, depending on the individual situation of those who are interested in these topics and in evolving our school towards greater sustainability. I will list these activities here once again, and if any of you are interested in cooperating, please contact Ms Klaudie Osičková at klaudie.osickova@famu.cz by 15 December.

Of course, FfC has an array of its own activities, which we at the Dean’s office will be happy to support. At this point, students can take part in the following activities prepared by the Dean’s office staff, and we will greatly appreciate your involvement in those:

  1. A series of modules on sustainable film production.

We are preparing a series of modules on the individual aspects of green filming for the first half of 2023. These will cover e.g. the environmental consultant position, using carbon calculators and other useful tools, and other rules of green filming. Students can take part in organising, communicating, and guiding the modules (e.g. hosting discussions with both Czech and foreign guests).

Capacity for participation: 1–6 persons.

  1. Sustainable filmmaking in practice.

We are preparing a Sustainable Filmmaking Manual for films to be made at our school. We invite FfC representatives to join the workgroup that will review and develop the Manual.

Capacity for participation: 1–3 persons.

  1. Review of internal policies with a view to reducing paper footprint and environmental load.

This involves preparing a set of suggestions for identifying processes and rules in the school’s internal policies that require unnecessary use of paper, which could be replaced by different procedures or measures. FAMU leadership has a list of priorities in terms of digitalisation, which it is promoting on an Academy-wide level, and we welcome cooperation in the related research and contributing to the set of suggestions.

Capacity for participation: 1–3 persons.

  1. Ethical partnerships

We want to create internal rules of ethical cooperation with the private sector. We invite you to offer suggestions and, more importantly, conduct research into similar documents in similar institutions.

Capacity for participation: 1–5 persons.

We would be happy to work together and make our Faculty progress towards adopting more measures geared towards sustainable, respectful, and responsible operation.

Andrea Slováková

8. December 2022