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Practical mentoring - Thomas Vinterberg

Practical mentoring - Thomas Vinterberg

Dear Students,

Thomas Vinterberg will be shooting in the Czech Republic (primarily in Prague) during the period between 20 February and 1 April 2023.

FAMU will have an opportunity to place its students in the following positions as part of the shoots: 

- AD PA (assistance with the second plane, assisting/serving actors on the set, etc.); 
camera trainee (assistance with relocating equipment, assisting the 1st and 2nd camera assistants); 
- video trainee (without limitation, assistance with relocating and installing equipment, assisting the video operator);
sound trainee (without limitation, assistance with relocating and installing equipment, assisting the sound design team). 

The overall benefit consists primarily in shadowing the individual film crew professions – the director’s assistant, cinematographer and team, sound designer and team, data manager and team – and in the opportunity to watch a premier global film director at work over an extended period of time. Students must be available for approximately 12 hours a day (or even longer in exceptional cases) for a period of at least 14 days. Students need to pay for their travel to the location. They will receive meals along with the crew. The insurance of the shoots is arranged by the Sirena Film production company. Taking part in the shoots is not paid. 

How to apply:

Submit your applications including a professional CV and a motivation letter (250 words maximum) in English through this form before or on 22 January 2023. The form is accessible from your school e-mail accounts. 
- By submitting your application, you confirm that you are proficient in English at least on the C1 level.
- By submitting your application, you confirm that you can be released from instruction for at least 14 days.
- The call is open to the students in accredited programmes of study (this call is not intended for students in the Erasmus+ programme and students in the first year of bachelor’s study programmes). The call is also open for those waiting for the state final exams. 

Selection criteria:

- Preference will be given to the students who match the profile of the requested professions.
- Preference will be given to students who, considering their curricula, can be released from instruction for a longer period of time.
- The selection of the students will take into consideration the opinion/recommendation of the Registrar’s Office with regard to their observance of study obligations and the opinion of the Head of the Department. Preference will be given to students in higher years of study. 

The results of the student selection will be announced by 3 February 2023.
Should you have any questions, Andrea Petrovičová, andrea.petrovicova@famu.cz will be happy to answer them. 

9. January 2023