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VISEGRAD FILM FORUM 2023 – Call for Students

FAMU was selected as one of the film schools to take part in the Visegrad Film Forum 2023. The terms and conditions for participation are as follows:

Visegrad Film Forum dates: March 15 – 18, 2023
Place: Bratislava, Slovak Republic / Venues: tbc
Accreditation: included in partnership agreement with partner schools
Accommodation: 4 nights (breakfast included)
The selected students will receive an Erasmus grant of € 70 per day (€ 280 total), out of which they will pay their travel and meals.
Number of students: 4 students (1 crew member for each film)

What does Visegrad Film Forum 2023 offer for students?

- 4 nights in Bratislava (breakfast included);
- lectures and workshops from different globally renowned filmmakers;
- interesting film titles connected with discussions and filmmakers’ participation;
- international networking platform for students and young professionals;
- social events;
- cross-comparing film screenings from different European film schools.

How can you apply?

  • Complete the form available under this link by 14 February 2023. The form is accessible from your school e-mail. The call is open to the students of accredited programmes and is intended for those waiting for examination. The call is not intended for Erasmus+ students.
  • Apply with a completed film provided with English subtitles. It must be a school film completed in 2019–2023.
  • The requirement is that one member of the crew that made the selected film must take part in the Visegrad Film Forum 2023.
  • The projects will be selected based on recommendations from Departments.
  • The results will be published by 24 February 2023.

Film screening

A part of the programme is also the screening of films from partner schools. Each of the four blocks of student films will include films from two partner schools. The screenings will be followed by discussions with students.

Visegrad Film Forum (VFF) is a networking and educational platform for emerging film professionals, students with major in film, media or audio-visual studies and film enthusiasts. It provides opportunity for young filmmakers to show their work to an international audience, share their experiences with renowned film professionals and among themselves. VFF includes screenings of student films, master classes with renowned experts and case studies of interesting film projects.

Educational platform Visegrad Film Forum (15-18, March 2023) and International Film Festival FEBIOFEST Bratislava (March 15-19, 2023) will take place almost at the same time, which will allow some of their program and guests to blend in. Since IFF FEBIOFEST Bratislava and VFF have the ambition to connect the Slovak film industry and its involved persons with a foreign scene, according to their directors, Ondrej Starinský and Jakub Viktorin, it is natural to find cooperation opportunities, combining the potential of their events and enhancing the international dimension of activities. One of the goals is to bring together their audience. Accreditations for participants will be valid for the whole programme of both events.

We have confirmed our two first guest speakers! US producer Jim Stark who has helped many of the landmark indie US and European films to get made and get seen, including collaboration with Jim Jarmusch (Down by Law, Mystery Train, Night on Earth, Coffee and Cigarettes), Szabolcs Hajdu (Mirage) or Corneliu Porumboiu (La Gomera). Not to mention EFA winner of this year – Traingle of Sadness. Second guest will be Pawel Edelman, Polish DOP who cooperates with Roman Polanski and his list of films includes Pianist, Oliver Twist or Ghost Writer.


31. January 2023