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Mentoring programme with Bertrand Mandico

Mentoring programme with Bertrand Mandico

Dear Students,

We are happy to unveil the next guest who will come to FAMU as part of our mentoring programme.

The Mentoring programme with French experimental film director Bertrand Mandico (After Blue (Dirty Paradise)The Wild BoysUltra pulpewill take place from April 3, to April 5, 2023. His stay is made possible thanks to our cooperation with the French Institute and the Ponrepo cinema. Bertrand Mandico will lead a masterclass and individual consultations. Please pay attention to the following two calls, to which you can respond. 

Call 1: Preparing and moderating the masterclass with Bertrand Mandico 

The masterclass with Bertrand Mandico will take place at the Kino 35 cinema of the French Institute on 4 April 2023

  • We are looking for one to two students interested in moderating the masterclass in English. You can apply both individually and in pairs. 
  • The masterclass topics will be determined by the selected moderators and finalised in cooperation with the director. It is advisable to build the masterclass as a discussion with clips from films; it is possible to arrange for more material to be provided by the director. 
  • Students should apply with their suggested outlines for the masterclass in French or English. 
  • Students will receive one course credit/ zápočet (2 credits) for preparing and moderating the masterclass. 
  • Students can apply for preparing and moderating the masterclass using this form. The form will be open until 9 March and is accessible only from school e-mail accounts. 

Call 2: Individual consultations with Bertrand Mandico 

One-on-one consultations with Bertrand Mandico will be held at the FAMU Studio on 5 April 2023

  • The call is intended for students in their second or higher year in accredited study programmes in Czech or English. 
  • It is possible to select 2–3 audiovisual works, either in progress or completed (scripts are not accepted). 
  • Please make sure that all the works submitted are subtitled in English (even if the soundtrack is in English.) 
  • The preparation for and participation in the individual consultations be rewarded with a course credit/zápočet (1 credit). 
  • One-on-one consultations will take place in French with interpretation into English or Czech. 
  • Students can apply for one-on-one consultations using this form. The form will be open until 9 March and is accessible only from school e-mail accounts. 
  • The final selection also depends on a recommendation from the Department leadership, which FAMU’s Department of International relations will request – students are not asked to provide this.  

The selection results will be announced by 21 March 2023 and the list will be posted on FAMU’s website. 

Should you have any questions, please contact andrea.petrovicova@famu.cz

24. February 2023