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Branko Avramovski won at Moscow Shorts

Branko Avramovski won at Moscow Shorts

Branko Avramovski (Department of Cinematography FAMU) won the Best Cinematography Award at Moscow Shorts (the Moscow International Short Film Festival) for Blooming directed by Dora Šustić (FAMU International).

Blooming (2018)
Director and screenwriter: Dora Sustić
Cinematographer: Branko Avramovski
Sound designer: Matěj Chrudina
Editor: Gregory Montaldo
Set designer: Dimitra Sourlantzi
Producer: Lidia Teleki
Starring: Verica Nedeska, Linda Boubonova, Kristina Faryadova
Country: Czech Republic
Duration: 13:37

Two sisters, Alma (11) and Lila (6), enjoy their playful time together, having a bath. One evening, faced with a strange sensation, Alma experiences the beginning of a transformation from a child to a girl: she gets her first period. At first ignoring it, Alma deals with blood during the night, but is discovered by Lila. In panic, she asks Lila to keep a secret, but little Lila misunderstands it for sickness, thinking her sister is dying. She protects Alma from their mother’s attempts of sending her to school and spills the secret. Miljana, their mom, allows Alma to stay at home and deal with her problem on her own, giving her a space to bloom. She comforts Alma and helps her to overcome the shame. All three girls are united in the end, playing in the bath.



17. September 2019