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Applicants with specific needs

Applicants with specific needs

The Faculty intends to facilitate equal access to admissions for all applicants with specific needs and equal access to study for all students with specific needs and offer them opportunities comparable to those that apply to their colleagues who face no health-related challenges.



An applicant with specific needs can be a person with:

  • Physical/visual/hearing impairment
  • Chronic somatic disease
  • Learning disorder or ADHD
  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Psychological disorders
  • Communication ability impairment
  • Other lasting disabilities


INDIVIDUALISATION » The terms of admissions are always modified on an individual basis and depending on the applicant’s needs, the severity of their disability, and the specifics of the academic programme.

CONFIDENTIALITY » Any information and documents that an applicant provides to FAMU are treated as confidential. They are only disclosed to admissions committee who have to take specific needs into consideration as part of instruction and evaluation, and the diagnosis is not included in such disclosure.

PARTICIPATION » The optimum solution is sought in a dialogue with the applicant. The applicant participates in the entire process and the school will make no decision without the student’s knowledge.

Modification is not relief. The modifications are intended to help applicants to pass the admission process as other applicants while being respectful of their condition, however, the conditions of admission remain the same.



In order to provide you with an adequate modification of the admission exams, it is important that you register among applicants with specific needs.

Follow these steps:

1. Completing the application for modification of the admission procedure

The first and necessary step is to submit a request to modify the admission procedure while filling out the electronic application form on the website prihlaska.amu.cz. As part of the request for modification of the admission procedure, you specify your health disadvantage and upload the relevant document documenting your health to the attachments of the electronic application form.

If you do not have the medical documentation ready when filling out the application, you can upload it later to the application attachments after logging in with your application code and password.

2. Initial contact with a contact person at FAMU

After your application has been included in the admissions process, you will be contacted by Ing. Eliška Pičmanová from the Registrar's office of FAMU. As part of the communication, your needs will be identified and you will be informed how to proceed and what documents to provide. All communications are strictly confidential.

3. Evaluation of your request and a proposal to modify your admission procedure

Based on the completed form, the attached documents and in cooperation with the head of the admissions committee, your request to modify the admissions procedure will be evaluated. The output will be a possible proposal for adjusting the admission exams, which you will be informed about, including instructions on how to proceed and who to contact. If necessary, the proposal can be modified based on current needs. It may happen that the modification of the admission procedure will not be possibledue to organizational obstacles, technical obstacles or simply because of the nature of the degree program. In such a case, the applicant will be informed immediately.

4.Participation of the applicant in the presence exams

According to the instructions that are part of the prepared plan for admission procedure modification, after arriving for the presence exam, the applicant will contact an authorized person who will give him/her further instructions and will inform him/her how the exam will proceed. A discreet approach is a matter of course.


Update: 3. 4. 2023

Disability certificates – an overview of eligible documents as a part of application form:

a. proof of disability under Section 67 of Act No. 435/2004 on employment;

b. proof of disability of any grade under Section 39 of Act No. 155/1995 on pension insurance;

c. identity card of a person with disability of any degree under Section 34 of Act No. 329/2011 on the provision of subsidies to people with disabilities;

d. proof of specific learning disorder identified on the basis of the results obtained by means of a generally accepted diagnosis of specific learning disorders (for ex. Educational and Psychological Counselling);

e. proof of an autism spectrum disorder identified on the basis of a comprehensive examination by a clinical psychologist;

f. medical report on the results of a specialist medical examination for persons who are unable to submit documents specified above in clauses a) to e).




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