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Individual Mentoring by Industry Professionals

The core of the program is intensive work in workshops led by active professional film editors, capable of conveying their current working experience and a theoretical view of film editing to students. There are never more than six students in each workshop, which allows for providing an individualized approach to each of the students.

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Masterclasses and Workshops with acclaimed filmmakers

As a student of FAMU you will get chance to meet industry leading professionals and acclaimed filmmakers (See our Mentoring Program). FAMU is a place where tradition meets contemporary trends. The future belongs to you.

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Tradition, innovation and creative community

By enrolling at FAMU you will tap the growing environment of international study programs with access to an entire ecosystem of optional courses outside the range offered by the Montage track. You will encounter, mutually inspire and work with colleagues from around the world studying international programs as well as Czech students from FAMU departments.

You will love the vibrant and family-like atmosphere of the school. The Czech Republic and its capital are inspiring places to live and create. Its position in the heart of Europe has always made it a place full of energy where various cultures and ideas would encounter each other.

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The application deadline for second call for the academic year 2023/2024 is June 2nd, 2023.

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Any question? Do not hesitate to contact our staff and mentors: montage@famu.cz