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Student Grant Competition

AMU Student Grant Competition (SGC)


  • Intended for master’s and doctoral students who always receive project assistance from an academic worker of the Faculty (for master’s projects, the teacher is always listed as the main applicant/researcher; for doctoral projects, the student is the main applicant, though their supervisor must be on the project team).
  • The SGC is usually called in October with the deadline for applications in about mid-November and the final decision on grants during January to March.
  • The competition is called for projects lasting one year, from January to December, and the final report and project output is to be submitted in January the next year.
  • The projects are typically related to research work underlying the student’s diploma thesis or dissertation: grants can be used to finance a trip abroad; buy equipment, books, DVDs, etc.; pay experts for consultation; pay respondents; procure a translation, proofreading, etc. On a standard basis, grants include scholarships for students involved in the project as a reward for their work.
  • The regular expected output is the diploma thesis or a part of dissertation, as well as a certain form of public presentation of the research results – most often an article (doctoral students are expected to publish a text in a peer-reviewed periodical such as ArteActa, Iluminace or Mediální studia in the CR; master’s students can put out a text in a specialised non-reviewed periodical such as Cinepur, Film a doba, etc.) or organise a workshop (e.g., a module presented at FAMU and/or a workshop organised as part of a festival, and so on).
  • In recent years, FAMU distributed CZK 800,000 to CZK 1 million in this competition annually, supporting 6 to 8 projects every year.
  • The average allocation to the individual successful projects (depending on the amount of output, labour intensiveness, number of researchers, etc.) is approximately CZK 80,000 to 150,000, and the maximum possible allocation is CZK 250,000.
  • The competition is governed by Rector’s Decree No. 9/2016.