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"When you just observe, when you just feel what you see, when you feel the colour, feel the smell of everything, when you are just present, everything will just accumulate. Cinema is all about observation. You have to observe with your eyes, with your ears. The capacity of improvising, which comes from disposition to observe and listen, will always be there and will be the most acute, the most powerful, when you have a good plan. Why are we making cinema as an imitation, when we can make it as an authentic representation." - Carlos Reygadas, masterclass, 30 October 2020



The objective is to support and enhance the teaching process so as to give the students an opportunity to confront their artistic output with the international professional environment. These hands-on stays are not part of the curriculum, they do not substitute any subjects, and are not recognised with credits, unless the study programme guarantor and Head of the Department rule otherwise.

The programme is open only to the students of accredited programmes in Czech and English who, at the time of application, are regular full-time students in the 2nd or higher year of a bachelor’s programme or any year of a master’s programme or are waiting for the state final examination.




Masterclass by Robert Eggers and Jarin Blaschke, January 2023

Mentor selection

A student or a group of students can propose the mentor directly in the application (see below). Mentors may also be suggested by teachers, Heads of Departments, study programme guarantors and/or the Faculty leaders with a specific idea of the type of programme and participants from among the students. The suggestions must be submitted to the Vice-Dean for International Relations in writing by e-mail. It is not necessary to complete an application form.


FAMU aims to finance all types of mentoring programmes so that the students are reimbursed for all the costs of travel and stays (fares, accommodation, travel compensations).

Hungarian director Béla Tarr mentoring FAMU students, November 2021, photo: Andrea Petrovičová

Mentoring Céline Sciamma



Students can consult a Czech or international artist in any field on their artistic output. The students shall justify their choice in a motivation letter to illustrate the benefits of consulting the specific mentor for themselves. If the artist can participate, the consultations may take a distance form or the form of a stay. Preparing this type of mentoring takes 3-5 months.


Students can apply for a hands-on stay during the filming in the Czech Republic or abroad or in the form of shadowing on location, in the studio, etc. Students shall justify their choice in a motivation letter to illustrate the benefits of the specific stay for their study and/or project. This form of mentoring is the most difficult one in terms of organisation and finance, and students should expect to start the preparation for such a stay at least 10 months in advance.


A student or a group of students (a crew working on a film together) can suggest inviting a Czech or international filmmaker; if the workshop materialises, it will be open to other FAMU students, though the initiator(s) will be registered with preference. They must justify their choice in a motivation letter to illustrate the benefits they expect for their project. Organising may take 3-6 months. 

Hands-on mentoring: Jules Roux, a student of FAMU International's Directing Cinema and Digital Media programme took part in the shooting of Bruno Dumont's new film at the seaside resort of Wimereux.

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Mentoring Programme Applications

Our past guests:

Pedro Costa
Béla Tarr
Ellis Freeman
David Chambille
Bruno Dumont
Michaël Dudok de Wit
Céline Sciamma
Olmo Omerzu
Robert Eggers and Jarin Blaschke
Beata Parkanová
Lambros Papanikolatos
Bertrand Mandico
Martin Becka
Hlynur Pálmason
Joanna Quinn